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Independent Reviews of Restaurants in the Gulf Shores and surrounding areas 

The following reviews are the result of visits to restaurants by myself and a very few trusted friends.  The personnel at the restaurants did not know were were coming and they did not know we would be reviewing the restaurants.  We paid regular price for our meals and do not accept discounts other than those widely advertised.



This BBQ joint is at 911 Gulf Shores Parkway in Gulf Shores.  It looks like just the kind of place to get good BBQ.

I stopped in for a BBQ pork sandwich at lunchtime.  Even though it was in the middle of the lunch rush there was no crowd and no smoke was coming from the stack.  The sandwich was $6.50 which is at the high range of what I would consider reasonable for a sandwich.  Nonetheless, for good BBQ, I'd regularly pay that much if it was top rate.  The meat looked like maybe it had been previously good.  It had some bark and even a little smoke ring upon very close inspection.  It certainly appeared to be real BBQ.   Unfortunately it was from a previous day's cook.  They apparently didn't have any BBQ that was cooked that day and they gave me some re-heated BBQ that tasted like, well, re-heated BBQ. 

It is possible this place has promise.  I know I caught them at a slack time.  I'll stop in again if I see a crowd  and smoke coming from the stack but for now, it is Not Recommended



This is an exceptional restaurant.  Almost everything about it seems at least a cut above the normal restaurant.  The dishes are special.  The coffee cup is really special.  I bought one!  Below is a picture of their unique cup (and spoon) as well as their signature drink, a really fancy Bloody Mary they custom make based on your specifications.

Menu at http://brickandspoonrestaurant.com/menu/  We tried the Roasted Corn, Crab, and Sweet Pepper Crepe and the  Oyster Bed Benedict.  Both were great.  

The crepe was a little light on quantity but it was certainly good.  It came with a side of fries.  The container for the fries not only was attractive but kept them hot too.  Pretty neat.


I apologize for the lousy picture of the Oyster Bed Benedict but you'll get the idea.  The eggs were perfect.  The oysters were not greasy and the bacon was thick and well cooked.

We saw some French Toast on a nearby table that looked spectacular.  I hesistate to recommend anything based on how it looks, but get it if you like French Toast.

This restaurant has a couple of problems that keep it out of the top 1% of all restaurants.  It is noisy.  Really, really noisy.  The A/C is not up to the task of cooling the restaurant.  Parking is inadequate.  It is so good that despite those issues it is Highly Recommended.



We had dinner at Jesse's in Magnolia Springs.  It is under new managemnet.  The dining area has been expanded into what was a retail grocery area so they have plenty of seating.  .  This is an exceptional restaurant, although a bit pricey.  We had a Tomato Stack salad which was fresh and very flavorful.  Both sizes of their Delmonico Ribeye were cooked perfectly and were great.  It came with risotto that was prepared perfectly.  The service was exceptional.  Menu at http://www.jessesrestaurant.com/index.php/menu-wine  Highly recommended


I've eaten at this place a couple times and it has been great once and good once.  I think the key is to go when they are busy.  The fried chicken is fresh, juicy and has a great crust.  They really have a great variety of sides, too.  The staff is exceptional.  I'm not sure how to describe them best - I guess enthusiastic is it.  Especially for a small place like this.  I need to try their fish and report it on it.  If it is great the next time I go i'll raise it but for now - Recommended. 


Had lunch at the Happy Pig Barbecue, 200 South Alcaniz Street, Pensacola, Florida.  I had chopped pork, baked beans, and cole slaw.  The baked beans and cole slaw were excellent.  The chopped pork was good but nothing special.  This is an excellent restaurant located in a quaint section of Pensacola just east of its downtown area and is a very pleasant place to eat.  Despite the fact that their barbecue was not outstanding the overall experience was favorable and I will go back there.  Recommended


This was my first trip to "Eat." (that is the name of the place - just "Eat") It won't be my last. This place is special. Really special.

To begin with, the folks I went with insisted on our getting some grilled oysters. Grilled Oysters? Seems kinda weird, I thought. When they brought them out, they looked good but still really nothing special. Then I ate one. OHMYGOSH! They are unique. They are extremely good. The grilled smoky flavor is just right. I've never had any smoked oysters before so I don't have anything to compare them to but I doubt anybody is going to beat these.

Then we walked up to the buffet. It is a buffet. It is small in physical layout and huge in selection of prime foods. The gentleman running the buffet was kind enough to describe the items. I didn't get them all but here are all I can remember and ones I copied from the chalkboard:

Prime rib, duck breast, Carribean Yellowfin Tuna with Mango Pico de Gallo, Sauteed Grouper over peppers and onions, Grilled Sirloin, Blackened Seabass with lemon beurre blank, fried shrimp, fried oysters, Sweet and Spicey Grilled Chicken, Conecuh sausage and finger potatoes, and a couple more that escape me.

Any two of these appearing on a buffet would qualify the buffet as good. This was really exceptional. I tried over half of them and they were all great!

Then, they gave us a choice of Crème brûlée or bannas foster and cheesecake. I got to try both and they were great too.

Seriously, if you live within a hundred miles of Orange Beach, ride down there and try it. It's worth the ride. If you live in the area or you are staying on the island is it just plain illogical not to eat at "Eat."   Highly recommended



I'm a big fan of Moe's BBQ. The Daphne and Orange Beach restaurants are two of my favorite BBQ joints. This one's BBQ doesn't measure up. It lacks the flavor the other places have. It is a nice, friendly, big restaurant. Let's hope they use the expertise we know they have to bring this one up to Moe's standard of excellence.   Not recommended.



This is the kind of place I just love. They have not spent a fortune trying to convince you that you are in a swanky place. They let the food speak for itself. Its clean. The folks are friendly. They haven't wasted money on frills. The investment is obviously in the food and it is great. I have eaten here about 10 times over the years and I realized when I was having lunch today I had never posted a review.

I had the butterfly shrimp which was great. I haven't had everything on their menu but I have had several. The more impressive thing about this restaurant is every single time I have ever eaten here it has been very, very good.

You probably didn't know this but after the last couple of hurricanes (when there was no power and no where to eat) the owner made extra effort to stay open and feed the responding emergency personnel. I appreciate that.

There is no better food in Gulf Shores and there is no better value. That is an unbeatable combination. The only downside is it can be a bit hard to get in. Perfectly understandable.  Highly recommended.



Try the shrimp at this place. It has a unique taste and it is great! I've been to this restaurant a dozen times and it has always been consistently good.  Highly recommended.


We had brunch at Chappies and it was great!  We had broiled red snapper which came with a side of rice and gravy.  They gave us some great bread pudding too.  Fresh coffee.  Good service.  This is my first brunch at Chappies but I will be back.  Highly recommended.


This is not Mike's Smokehouse anymore.  It is the Daphne Smokehouse.

For the past several years, this has been the best BBQ restaurant in the Lower Alabama area.  Unfortunately, Mike is gone and so is the great BBQ.  Hopefully the new management will revert to the old BBQ methods but so far, it is Not Recommended.


I've eaten at this place about 25 times in the past five years.  It started out great.  Recently, the BBQ has been tasting flat.  Hopefully they will get it together again.  For now, I can't recommend it without reservation.  I'll try it every few months and post updates.  Recommended with reservation.

MOE'S BBQ - DAPHNE, ALABAMA - January 2013

Moe's in Daphne has good BBQ and I always look forward to eating there. I've been there about ten times over the past couple of years and the quality is consistent. It is real BBQ, obviously smoked for many hours in a real BBQ pit. I'm a bit embarrassed to report that I have mostly only tried the smoked pork shoulder. I tried the ribs once and they were OK but I like their boston butt/pork shoulder better.. I have intended to try some of the other meats but the pork is always good and I enjoy it. The sides at Moes are good and always consistent. It is a good, authentic BBQ restaurant.   Highly recommended.



I've eaten at Don Carlos about 20 times over the past three years and I always enjoy it. I usually get the chicken fajitas which I highly recommend. Try this place. You'll like it. It's clean, easy to get to and the food is consistent.   Recommended.





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